Telluride, Tim McGraw - Song of the Week

This is part of a weekly series where I share a song that I connected with in the past week. Send song suggestions to I post every Monday so you can enjoy the song over the course of the week.

When I was a child, I remember visiting my sister. She could drive, while I still had a number of years until I would get my license. Riding in her red Dodge Neon, Tim McGraw’s album Set This Circus Down was playing off of a CD. That car ride was when I discovered my love for country music.

Shortly thereafter I asked my Dad to burn a copy of the album so that I could listen on my own, and listen I did. The album quickly became my favorite, with one song that stood out from the rest: Telluride.

Over the years, Telluride has made times of joy more joyful, with it’s uplifting melody and talk of love. It has made times of sorrow easier to bear, reminding me to remember the good times and move on.

To this day Set This Circus Down is my favorite album, and Telluride my favorite song. I love them for the memories, music and lyrics.

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