TED Talk: My Stroke of Insight

Lately I’ve been in search of interesting, insightful videos to watch. I want videos which expand my knowledge of the world and the universe, as well as push my intellectual thought.

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) has some of the best videos for doing exactly that. If you have never heard of TED, in their own words:

The annual TED conferences, in Long Beach/Palm Springs and Edinburgh, bring together the world’s most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives (in 18 minutes or less).

They then provide videos of those talks on their website, free for anyone to watch.

While all of the talks are incredible, there are some true gems. These are the talks that move you as a person and can change how you look at the world. The tough part can be finding them since there are so many talks to browse through.

In searching for a video to watch recently, I stumbled across a TED talks top 10 list where I watched what was previously their number one talk. I cannot describe in words the emotion and insight this talk emanates with an incredible power. It is presented by Jill, a brain scientist, who experienced a brain hemorrhage and she describes what happened during the event. The talk is: Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight.

I cannot recommend this talk enough so please, when you have the time (about 20 minutes), watch it. I believe it will at the very least be interesting, if not change your outlook on life.