Plex Ships Version 1.0

Huge congratulations to the Plex team for shipping version 1.0 of the Plex Media Server:

One could argue (quite successfully, I think), that the Plex Media Server should have reached v1.0 a long time ago. Millions of people are using it, it’s generally stable, and we release regular updates. We’ve improved our QA process, increased the size of our team, and done lots of growing up in general around our software processes. So without further ado, I’ll skip to the end and let you all know that—with an extreme sense of pride and just a hint of a tear in my eye—we’re incredibly happy to be releasing v1.0 of the Plex Media Server to you today.

I personally use Plex for hosting my music, photos and various videos. In fact, I’m streaming music from Plex as I type this post. Keep up the outstanding work, Plex team; I look forward to seeing what the path to version 2.0 brings!