Some of you may have noticed a new section in my navigation bar. That’s right folks, I’ve officially added a Photos Section!

For a while I’ve had a casual interest in photography, but haven’t been able to invest a proper amount of time into learning. Since I got my iPhone 4, I’ve been trying to take more photos as I always have a camera with me and it’s not half bad!

To help with organizing and sharing my photos, I’ve been using Instagram. So, since all of the photos I take are on my iPhone, and the ones I deem good enough to share on Instagram are the ones I want people to see, I’m simply showing those on this site.

As for the styling, I decided to break the mold of the rest of the site a bit. Everything else has a pure white background and, while I do like it for text, I don’t think it suites photos very well. I find that the photos got lost in the background. On black, however, I find that the photos really “pop”, or stand out.