First Homemade Hololens Videos

The embargo was officially lifted for Microsoft employees so they can now post videos made at home with their HoloLens There are some really good ones out there, with a Twitter hashtag bringing more in every day. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

Disclaimer: I work at Microsoft, though I have not been involved with HoloLens development.

A Baby

While not the most practical, the video in this tweet is adorable. The tweet’s text, however, is powerful. Just like computers have always existed in my world, the babies of  today will never know a world without holograms.

Holograms will have always existed in Hannah’s world. I’m proud to help make this technology real #MadeWithHoloLens

— Brad Sarsfield (@bradoop) December 1, 2015

Watching YouTube

At first glance this is another marketing-focused vision video for the HoloLens. In reality it is a real person, using a real HoloLens, in their real house to watch a YouTube video.

Corny? Possibly. Cool? Incredibly.

Streaming Halo 5

This is a great demonstration of how powerful HoloLens is. HoloLens is completely wireless, so the ability to stream a game is quite impressive as there doesn’t appear to be ghosting or other visual artifacts. It will be interesting to see what the input delay is, as that is what will determine how practical this is for gaming.

Update: NUIWorld has more HoloLens videos.