BadUSB, a USB drive that turns into a keyboard

BadUSB is a hack announced at Black Hat USA in 2014, that is both ingenious and terrifying. A standard USB drive is re-programmed so that shortly after being plugged in, it changes its device type to a keyboard. From there, it can quickly enter keystrokes to install malware onto the host machine.

See the demo and full technical explanation in the video. The demo starts at the 1 minute mark.

The Last Days of Target

Canadian Business has a fascinating, inside look into what happened with the Target Canada failure:

In the fall of 2013, hundreds of Target Canada head office staff piled into the auditorium at the Mississauga Living Arts Centre for a state-of-the-union address from their leaders. The employees were weary and frustrated by this point. The bulk of the 124 stores had opened, and it was clear the launch had gone seriously awry. Consumers were frustrated when confronted with empty shelves, and the media and financial analysts were hammering the company for it. On stage, Fisher stated his conviction that Target Canada was making progress and that 2014 would be a greatly improved year. A Q&A session followed; one employee bravely asked Fisher what he would do differently if he could do the launch over again. A man in the front row stood up and offered to field the question. Taking the microphone, Steinhafel, Target’s CEO, didn’t hesitate with his answer: He would renegotiate the real estate deal that facilitated the company coming to Canada in the first place.