iOS Tip: Force Quitting Apps

I was having an issue with the App Store on my iPhone and went in search of a solution. One possible solution called for force quitting the app, but in a way I had never heard of before:

…hold power until the slide to power off slider appears, then hold home until the app quits…

Lo and behold, it worked! This is something to try if you are having problems with an app and swiping it away in the app switcher isn’t working.

Song of the Week

I believe music is one of the key differences between humans and the rest of the animals on this world. Music communicates emotion strictly through sound — from joy to sorrow, anger to love. It can lift us up when we are down, helping us through troubled times. Music will cause us to sit in contemplation or dance with glee.

We connect with music.

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What is a coder’s worst nightmare?

Mick Stute on Quora, answering the question “What is a coder’s worst nightmare?”:

I was hired by a psychologist to fix a program that seemed to have “strange output” written by one of his ex-grad students. It was a program that reads a data file, asks about 50 questions, does some calculations, and comes up with some score based on this PhD’s research. It’s on a research 3B2 at the university. He demonstrates the program and sure enough there seemed to be strange flashing words on the screen when it moves from question to question, and they don’t seem nice.


This ought to be simple. There are only about five places it could output anything, and all of them had this subliminal flash of a message. Each one was hard coded. No problem. Delete the offending mvpwintw() and all is well. Or should be. I compile, thinking I’m done. But when I ran it, there it is again — the subliminal messages. This time with different text still the same subject, just different messages.

I check my code and believe it or not it’s back to the initial state I found it. 15 files, mangled, 3-letter variables — the whole thing right back where I started.

That’s just the start and it only gets better from there. The end result truly is a programmer’s worst nightmare, though I won’t ruin the ending. Well worth the read.

Nissan Titan XD, Heavy Half

The Titan XD is interesting due to how Nissan is marketing it as a “heavy half”.

The components seem to bear this out. Many core components of the Titan XD resemble a 3/4 ton truck. From the V-8 Cummins diesel engine and Aisin transmission, to the larger rear differential and brakes, the Titan XD is different than regular half tons. Its GVWR and curb weight are also notably higher than the rest of the half tons, at 8,800 and 6,709 pounds respectively, classifying it as a heavy duty from the perspective of the government.

You would be forgiven for expecting those components to result in impressive capacity numbers, but they turn out to be anticlimactic.

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