Apple Charger Teardowns

Have you ever wondered why official, brand name device chargers cost so much more than the no-name ones, despite looking almost identical on the outside? Or just how they work?

Ken Shirriff has taken the time to methodically teardown a Macbook, iPad and iPhone charger with detailed pictures and descriptions of how everything works. He also compares them to a no-name charger from Ebay. It’s fascinating, and I know I won’t be buying a no name charger in the future to ensure the safety of myself and my devices.

Bonus: Ken also tore down the Magsafe connector itself, which is more complex than initially meets the eye.

Meet DeWalt's 12 Amp Grinder

Below I embedded a two-part, hour long grinder review. Why would I do that? Let me quote the video itself:

This is not going to be an over-fed salesman, bobble-head review where I plug it in and I grind some stuff and I tell you how great the thing is. Actually going to take it apart, see if the thing’s any good at all.

It doesn’t matter how much you care about grinders or metal, if you like mechanical details and being entertained you should watch this review.

Part A

Part B