Player Spends A Decade Polishing Epic Theme Park In Rollercoaster Tycoon 2

loved playing Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 as a kid, but I never put this kind of effort into it. Impressive.

This is a good reminder to grab OpenRCT2 to start playing again.

(Via 512 Pixels.)

We Shall Sail Together - Sea of Thieves Tavern Tune

It’s official, folks: Rare has posted the official version of We Shall Sail Together as a Tavern Tune on their YouTube channel. Listen to it below.

I mentioned in my previous post on We Shall Sail together that this was coming. Now that it’s here, please excuse me while I listen to this on repeat for a while.

Star Shield 6

A previous coworker has moved into independent game development and has released a new game: Star Shield 6.

I’ve had it on my phone for over a month now and it’s a lot of fun. It requires more thought than first meets the eye, yet games are fast enough to play on the go. It’s even free!

Go get it on your phone.

We Shall Sail Together

Update: The official version has been released!

In my last post I mentioned how much I loved the sea shanty that accompanied the E3 trailer for Sea of Thieves, but I wanted to know more. I did a bit of searching in the Sea of Thieves forums and sure enough there is already a thread about it. Turns out I’m not the only one clamoring to buy the song.

In the thread, a Rare employee reveals the name of the song as We Shall Sail Together, and implicitly confirms it was composed and recorded specifically for Sea of Thieves. They don’t have intentions to sell it, but have released a clean version on their YouTube channel. will be releasing a clean version (no guns or explosions and full length) through their YouTube channel sometime next week**.**

Until the clean version is released, we get to listen to a live version recorded on the floor at E3. Brilliant shanty, and a great live performance considering they were missing instruments and it seemed quite impromptu.

Sea of Thieves

At E3 2016, the game studio Rare announced a new game they are working on, Sea of Thieves:

Simply put, Sea of Thieves is a game about being a pirate, and everything that comes with that – and it’s a shared-world game where you’ll encounter other crews of players.

Let’s be honest: I don’t know too many people who haven’t wanted to experience the life of a pirate at least some point in their life. This is awesome.

I recommend watching the hilarious E3 gameplay video shared by the team. To say the least, it looks like a ton of fun and I’m looking forward to the release. Unfortunately, there isn’t a release date yet, but I’ll be getting it right away when it comes out.

Also, that intro video and music sets the tone perfectly. I don’t know if the music was custom recorded or not, but I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Update: I found out more information about the trailer music.