A Different World, Bucky Covington - Song of the Week

This is part of a weekly series where I share a song that I connected with in the past week. Send song suggestions to songoftheweek@colincwilliams.com. I post every Monday so you can enjoy the song over the course of the week.

Every generation has a unique experience during their childhood as technology and culture changes over time. The 20th century drew particularly distinct lines between generational childhoods, ushering in the eras of automobiles, flight, computers and much more.

Born in the last decade of the 20th century, the current world doesn’t feel that different from my childhood yet; however, I have always been interested in the childhoods of my parents and grandparents, in a time that was so dramatically different than the present. That interest is what captures me with Bucky Covington’s A Different World.

Covington touches on many of the key cultural changes between the past and present, including increased safety concerns and electronics usage, tastefully romanticizing the past. While objectively I realize that life’s complexities generally shift from generation to generation, not increasing or decreasing in severity or quantity, it’s nonetheless calming to look at the past as a simpler time with less worry and stress than seems so prevalent today.

I hope you enjoy the trip into the past, or even down memory lane, as much as I do every time this song comes on.

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