For a while I’ve had a casual interest in photography, but haven’t been able to invest a proper amount of time into learning. Since I got my iPhone 4, I’ve been trying to take more photos as I always have a camera with me and it’s not half bad!

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Satisfactory is Worse Than Not At All

Upon purchasing a product, the user trusts that you are going to provide them with an excellent, if not outstanding experience. Herein lies the issue. If including a feature sets the expectations so high, the user is disappointed if the experience is merely satisfactory. In addition, a feature’s existence prompts its use, so users become repeatedly frustrated.

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Consistently Connect iPhone to Mac Over Bluetooth

Since I started using bluetooth more heavily with my iPhone and Macbook, I have had major connection issues. Once the devices were paired, trying to connect them would often result in errors. Finally, after far too much frustration, I believe I know how to connect my iPhone and Macbook consistently.

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More Back Button Confusion

In December I wrote about iOS Back Button Confusion, outlining how having multiple back buttons on the same screen in iOS creates user mistakes or slowdowns as they determine which button they should use. I recently noticed the same issue with my RSS reader of choice, NetNewsWire (which is an outstanding app for reading RSS feeds on the desktop).

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